Out of Oil Tips

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What to Do If You Run Out of Heating Oil

The most significant winter preparations for homeowners include stocking up on heating oil and servicing your furnace. This will help a lot in ensuring you enjoy a warm and relaxed environment during the coldest months of the year. Although, the wintry weather season can be a great deal longer than predicted, so your heating oil stock won’t be sufficient to get you throughout the wintry weather. If you deplete your heating oil supply before winter ends, what will be the solution? The following guide will help in what to do when your heating fuel runs out!

Step 1: Call the Heating Oil Company

Clearly, the major thing you should do when you exhaust your heating oil supply is to place a call to your heating oil company for a refill.

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Step 2: Fill Up Your Oil Tank

After your oil tank is filled, give it up to 10 minutes to settle in the tank. This will let any residues and impurities to settle at the bottom of the tank, thereby giving the fuel intake line access to clean fuel.

Step 3: Restart the Furnace

Restarting the burner may be as simple as pushing the red reset button on your furnace. You can press the reset button only once, if it doesn’t work you’ll need to bleed the fuel line and restart your furnace. When the heater is turned on, your home will be heated as usually.

In many cases, the furnace fuel supply system may need manual bleeding. And, you will need to have pipe wrench a quarter-inch nylon tubing and a clean container to perform this procedure.

How to Restart Your Oil Furnace

First of all with the aid of shutting off the furnace through the switch on the unit. The next step is to find the bleeder valve on the furnace’s oil pump. This part looks alike as grease fitting and can be opened or tightened using a 1 cm wrench. As soon as you have located the bleeder valve, insert the 1/4-inch nylon tubing. The tube should lead into the clean empty vessel.

Next, switch on the furnace and loosen the bleeder valve with the use of the wrench. Make sure to hold the nylon tubing inside the container to ensure kerosene or diesel does not spill. At first, the fuel is going to flow out of the tube because of the presence of air. After a couple of seconds, but, only oil will flow out of the nylon tubing. If you notice this, use the wrench to compress the bleeder valve before restarting the furnace and cleaning up the work area.

If you have difficulty restarting your furnace, be sure to call for service instantly. Contact Supreme Fuel Oil to get your furnace running again so that your home will feel warm and comfortable.

Prevent Running Low on Heating Oil in the Future

Possibly, it’s adequate to add the diesel fuel to your furnace’s tank before it runs out of heating oil totally. If your tank does run out totally before you notice, you will need to contact your Bronx neighbourhood Heating Oil Company to bleed the air out of the oil line, clearing the filter, nozzle, and oil pump. You’ll additionally need to ensure no sludge is present, which could cause blockages.

Bypass the stress and worry that you will run out of heating oil, and program automatic heating oil delivery to make sure you constantly have enough supply to maintain your home warm and comfortable.

For help troubleshooting or to schedule an emergency oil delivery in Bronx, contact Supreme Fuel Oil at (347) 773-3416